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A RPG based on the Naruto universe
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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Thu Jan 05 2017, 19:56

Basic Site Rules

  1. Account Rules - All players will have their First and Last Name as their site username, the only exception is for extraordinarily long character names, in that circumstance the first name will be used with the initial of the Last name also included, length permitting. Example: John Smith or Emmanuel S

  2. Avatars - They must be a the picture of your character, nothing random will be permitted. You may visit the Face Claim page to claim your characters image. Only one person per claim, multiple people may not use the same face claim. Example: John Smith claims Uzumaki Naruto as his face claim, no one else may use Uzumaki Naruto, of any age.

  3. Signatures - Any images in your signature must pertain to your Character, either a banner with your face claim, or a quote. You must post a link to your characters stat page in your signature or post your stats, inside of a spoiler in the signature. Also no image in the signature may exceed 200 height or 500 width. 

  4. Conduct - Respect your fellow members, not racist or sexist comments will be allowed. Do not flame or troll other characters. Keep bickering and arguing to a minimum and be respectful during it. 

  5. Content - No pornography or posts detailing anything pornographic. No images of mutilation will be allowed. Swearing OOC wise is to be kept to a minimum, Swearing in character will be allowed so long as it follows your characters personality. Detailing mutilation or other sensitive topics in character will be allowed but do not abuse this. No in character sex/cybering will be allowed to be detailed out. 

  6. Advertising - You may only advertise in the OOC section, under advertisements.


  1. Post Length - Minimum post length is 100 words, though more would be highly appreciated.

  2. Grammar - We expect everyone to use a decent level of grammar and spelling. Be sure to spell check your work and do a basic read through of it before posting. People who make posts with and excessive amount of errors will be penalized on their rewards. 

  3. Roleplay Etiquette - No godmodding, auto-hitting, power-playing, or metagamming is permitted in roleplay here. If you are unsure what any of this is, ask and it will be explained. Any issues pertaining to these issues are to be brought to a moderator or admins attention immediately so that the issue may be resolved. 

  4. Description and Detail - This is something that will be emphasized here. Please be as descriptive and detailed in your posts as possible. Make sure you paint the setting and describe the "how" of your actions. 

  5. Thread Etiquette - Follow posting order. Make sure you tag your threads as open, closed, private, or invite only. You may also put in additional conditions in your thread, such as limiting those who can join to certain people, or disabling/enabling death in the thread.

  6. Editing - You cannot edit posts after someone else posted after you did without permission from those in the thread.

  7. Killing/Maiming - While you do not require someones permission to kill or maim their character, you must have an IC reason to do so. If your character is generally a pacifist they can not just go around killing and maiming people for no reason. If you play a character who is a psychopath and enjoys killing your reasoning does not have to be in depth. Fighting is stat based, and if someones health drops to zero then it is up to their opponent the level of damage they wish to do to you. No Kill topics are also considered no maiming topics, the only way to kill someone in a No Kill topic is if you have a very, very good reason IC to do so. All kills and maims are subject to moderator/admin approval and will be reviewed extensively to make sure they are good. 

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Basic Rules
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