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 Stat Rules

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The Stats and Their Description

This stat determines how strong your character is and the amount of damage that they can do with physical based attacks, such as a punch or kick. It determines how much extra damage they can do with a weapon such as a sword. It also determines how far and fast one can throw a weapon or object. Each point of strength you have determines how much damage you do. So a basic punch or kick will do half the damage of your strength stat. Example: John's strength is 10, so his punch causes 5 damage. 

Weapon Damage is determines by the strength of the weapon plus your own strength. It works the same as a basic punch and kick, so it will cause half the amount of damage that your strength plus the weapons strength is. Example: John has a strength of 10, he has a wood spear that has a strength of 20. This means that striking with the weapon John can now do 15 points of damage per hit (10 + 20/2 = 15).

Swing Speed/Thrown speed of weapons is determines by how much strength you have. Your strength divided by two adds to the speed in which you can wield a weapon. This means that if you have 50 strength you will add 25 to your speed stat when you are either swinging a weapon like a dagger/sword/club or to the speed of a thrown weapon such as a shuriken. Example: John has a strength of 50 and a speed of 40. He attacks Jane with a sword, every time he swing the sword he swings it at a speed of 65. 

Throwing weapon distance is also determines by strength. The distance you can throw a weapon such as a shuriken or kunai is the following formula: Eighty percent of the strength stat equals the number of feet a weapon can be thrown. Example: John has a strength of 100, this means he can thrown a kunai/shuriken or other object up to a maximum of 80 feet. 

This stat determines how fast and dexterous your character is. It will determine your ability to dodge attacks. Every 5 points more in speed you have above an opponent will grant you free dodge (so long as it makes sense) in a battle. Example: John Smith has a speed of 25 while Jane Smith has a speed of 15. John Smith may dodge 2 attacks from Jane without fail. It takes two posts to attain your full speed when moving around, this only applies when the distance traveled is more than 100 yards, anything under 100 yards it is considered a sprint and may be done at full speed.. Example: John has a speed of 25, he wants to charge at Jane who is 200 yards away from him. His first post he can only move at a speed of 12 (half his normal speed). However in his second post he manages to reach his full speed of 25. 

Speed also determines your reaction time, which is better known as to how well you can recognize what is going on around you in high speed combat. Your reaction time is your speed x 1.5. Example: Johns speed is 20, so his reaction time is 20 x 1.5, making it 30. Reaction time determines a few things. The first is that whatever your reaction time is, is the most you can respond to. If someone's speed exceeds your reaction time you will not be able to dodge any attack they launch at you. Example: Johns speed is 20, his reaction time is 30. Jane has a speed of 70, John is unable to see or, in other words, react to any of her attacks as they are too fast for him to see. 

Hand sign speed - The following is used for hand sign speed. Every Hand sign made adds 5 to the opponents reaction time. Example: John uses a jutsu that requires 5 hand signs. Jane has a speed of 20, with a reaction time of 30. Her reaction time is boosted to 55 (+25 for the hand signs). Your speed lowers the amount of reaction time the opponent gets from using hand signs. Every 5 points you have in speed reduces the amount of reaction time boost the opponent gets by 1 point, maxed out at no added reaction time to the user. Example: John has a speed of 50, and performs a jutsu that has 2 hand signs. Jane has a speed of 45. Jane's reaction time is only boosted by 9 points because John has 5 more speed than her.

Chakra is a special energy that allows your to perform certain techniques known as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or Fuinjutsu. The amount of chakra you have not only determnes the level of techniques you can do but also how many of them that you can do. You chakra stat is your potency your chakra stat times 5 is the amount of chakra you have to use. Potency determines the rank of techniques you can use, while amount determines how many times you can use those techniques. Example: You have a chakra stat of 20 (meaning you may use D rank and below technique), but your chakra amount is 100 (20 x 5) meaning that you have 100 points worth of techniques to use (so if a normal D rank costs 20 chakra to use you can do 5 D ranks before you run out).

Techniques are ranked E-S, with E being the lowest and easier techniques and S being the hardest technique. You need a certain amount of chakra in order to perform a technique, or else you need a certain amount of chakra control in order to be able to use less chakra on a harder technique. If you run out of chakra you will incur a status effect known as 'Chakra Exhaustion'. Chakra exhaustion is a very serious effect that will reduce all of your stats by 50% immediately. In the event you attempt to use more chakra than you have (IE. You have 50 Chakra and you try to use 60 points of chakra) you will immediately pass out. Please note that the following list is merely how much chakra a normal technique in that range may have. Some techniques listed in a rank may require less, but that is the minimum they all require. Also your level of chakra control can reduce the amount of chakra you use per technique.
Chakra Potency Required per Technique:
S Rank - 100 Chakra
A Rank - 80 Chakra
B Rank - 60 Chakra
C Rank - 40 Chakra
D Rank - 20 Chakra
E Rank - 5 Chakra

Chakra Control
Chakra Control will help you control your chakra better and reduce the amount of wasted chakra you have and eventually the amount of chakra you use in a technique. Chakra control is a very difficult stat however, and there are certain techniques that will automatically boost your ability with chakra control. There are also certain techniques that will only be allowed to be used if you have a certain level of chakra control. Control of your chakra is determines by how much control you have compared to your chakra level. Every 5 points less in chakra control that you have to your chakra incurs a 1% waste. In return every 5 points above your chakra stat that you have in control incurs a 1% reduction in any chakra technique used. For a max of a 90% reduction to a technique (IE. S ranks use 100 chakra the most they can be reduced i chakra by is 90 points meaning they would only cost 10 to use.) 

Example: You have 60 points of Chakra and are attempting to use a technique that uses 20 chakra, but only 30 points in chakra control. Due to this you now have to use 6% more chakra meaning you need to use 21 points. All numbers will be rounded, so anything .1-.4 will be rounded down and .5-.9 rounded up. Example 2: You have 60 points in chakra, and are attempting to use a technique that costs 20 chakra. You have 100 points in chakra control meaning that you now get an 8% reduction to the technique so you only need to use 18 chakra points. 

Stamina determines how many physical based attacks you may use. Stamina is reduced with every physical action that you do, so it is a very important thing that you must build upon. Stamina works just like the Chakra stat, in that it is split between potency and amount. Your Stamina stat is your potency while your amount of stamina is your stamina stat times 5. Example: Your stamina stat is 20, so your stamina potency is 20. Your stamina amount however is 100, 20 x 5. You will require a certain amount of stamina potency in order to perform certain levels of Taijutsu or Kenjutsu techniques. Techniques will note how much stamina they drain in their application. Basic attacks like a simple punch/kick or swing of a sword will drain 2 stamina per one you do. Running/Sprinting will drain 1 stamina as you do it, and any time you manage to dodge a technique completely you will drain 10 Stamina. 

Example: John has a stamina stat of 50, so his total stamina is 250. He runs at Jane and attempts to punch her twice. He also manages to dodge her attack as he runs at her. In total he uses 15 points of stamina in this post. 1 point for running/sprint, 2 points per punch for a total of 4 points, and 10 points for dodging an attack. 1 + 2 + 2 + 10 = 15. He now has 235 points in stamina left. If you run out of stamina you will pass out. For every post that you make no movements (IE. No running, jumping, or attacking) you will regain 5% of your stamina. Example: John has 50 points in stamina, with 250 total points of stamina to drain. He has used several techniques an now only has 150 points of stamina left so he spend one post hiding in order to restore some stamina. This means he recovers 13 points of stamina, leaving him with 163 points to use in the fight. 
Stamina Potency Required per Technique:

Health determines just how much damage you can take. Health can be supplemented with Damage Reduction (DR) type techniques and armor. Armor can add defense, look at the Item rules to better understand how armor works. As it is you health determines a few other things, rather than just the normal amount of damage that you can take. Your health stat times 5 is the total amount of damage you may take. Example: John has 10 points in health so he can take 50 damage total. You can damage yourself from hitting something that is too hard for you if your stat is too low. Even if you have the strength to break a steel beam with your bare hands if your health is not high enough you will take damage. You need at least half the health of the item in order to not take damage from hitting it. Example: John has a health stat of 10, he wants to punch a wooden beam that has a health of 30. However if he does he will take 1 points of damage for every 5 he has under it. Meaning that since he is 5 points from the half mark he will take 1 point of damage every time he strike the wood beam. 

Stealth and Awareness
Stealth and awareness are not normal stats in that they can not be upgraded by using your stat points. Stealth and awareness or perception are determined by certain techniques and the amount of specific training you do for them. For every 5 points above someones awareness that you have in stealth than them, they gain a -5% to their reaction time, up to a max of 50% reduction. Example: John has a 10 stealth points, while Jane has 5 Awareness points. This means Jane has 5% less reaction time than she did. Janes speed is 20, so her reaction time is 30, with the debuff her reaction time is now 28.

This is only applicable when the opponent does not know about their attacker, or loses sight of their attacker. Example: You sneak up and attack someone before they know you are their or in the middle of the fight you manage to hide from the opponent and they don't know where you are.

 Gaining Stat points
Stat points are gained by making training posts. Stat points are gained at 1 stat point per 500 words written. Stat points may only be gained when actively training something. This means that at least 90% of your post must pertain to training. If a moderator or admin thinks that too much of your post is talking or doing something other than training then they may decided to award you less stats. You are allowed to appeal the decision to another moderator or admin but if more then 3 moderators or admin agree on an issue than you will have to accept it. You may not use words from someone else to boost your own word count, this means that if someone tells you how to do something you may not copy and paste their words into your post and use them towards your own word count. Alternatively if you train with another player character (or have a moderator or admin NPC a character for you) than you may gain 1 stat point per 250 words written. If you train with someone of a higher rank than you benefit from their experience. So for example if a Genin trains with their Jounin sensei/team leader than they will now gain 1 stat point per 200 words. 

Specific training towards awareness/perception/stealth is needed in order to add points to the Awareness/stealth stat. You may no allocate stat points normally gained to the awareness/stealth stat. Certain techniques also give you points into your awareness/stealth stat as well. Training by yourself you may gain one point to either awareness or stealth per 1000 words (IE. you train for 1000 words stalking someone you now can gain 1 point to stealth or you do 1000 words working on noticing details or finding small objects etc you gain 1 point to awareness). If you train with someone else you may gain points at double the speed, meaning you will gain 1 point per 500 words. If you train with someone who has more points in awareness or stealth than you (it is opposites so if you want to train awareness they need a higher stealth stat, and if you want to train stealth they need a higher awareness stat) then you can gain 1 point per 250 words instead. 
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Stat Rules
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