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 Rank Rules

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Each villages Kage will determine how you rank up, however there are basic bonus's allotted to people at their rank. For the beginning the Admin will create the promotion rules for every village until another player character finally rises to the top and becomes the new Kage. Once that happens a Kage will be allowed to make rules for their village to follow and make their own rules for promotion. Every time a shinobi ranks up they will be allowed to age their character up to 5 years, this will be explained in character with the fact that their are medical techniques and fuuinjutsu that can age some so that they appear more mature. This is entirely voluntary and not required, characters will however follow the sit aging guidlines on that every 1 month realtime is 3 months game time. So 4 months 1 year game time will pass.

Village Shinobi
Academy Student
This is the starting rank, all academy students get 10 points to allocate when they start out. Academy Students only have access to E rank techniques, unless someone of higher rank chooses to teach them something (IE. A Chuunin shows an Academy student how to do a C or D rank technique so now they can learn that). This means that at the Academy Student level you may only learn techniques of the E rank variety by yourself.

In all villages Academy Students must take the Genin Exam and pass it in order to become a Genin. If they pass their villages Genin Exam then they are given 15 free stat points to allocate as they wish. Once they become a Genin they are now elligible to learn any C rank and below technique that they meet the requirements for. However they can learn B-S rank techniques from anyone who knows them (IE. A Jounin teaches a Genin an A rank technique, the Genin can't learn it on their own but with the Jounin's knowledge they can be taught it.) In the event there are no available people to assist Genin in learning a Genin may ask a moderator or admin to play an NPC to learn higher level techniques, within reason. All Genin will be given a team and a Jounin sensei regardless if it is a PC or NPC. 

Every village has their own way to promote Chuunin be it the Global Chuunin Exam or an intervillage way. When a Genin is promoted to Chuunin they are given 15 stat points to allocate as they wish. Chuunin are able to lead missions and teach others and also take up a side job (such as Academy Instructor) in order to make more money. Chuunin May learn any B rank and below technique by themself however require someone who already knows a technique of A-S rank to learn them. When a Genin makes Chuunin they may be removed from their Genin team under their Jounin sensei to be put on a team of people their rank. Chuunin are not guarunteed a team however in the event no PC's are available an NPC will be made available for the Chuunin to learn from. 

Tokubetsu Jounin
Tokubetsu Jounin or otherwise known as Special Jounin is not a rank that needs to be attained. It is a rank given to Chuunin who are not believed to be ready for the full responsibilites of the Jounin title or Chuunin who have heavily specialized (IE Taijutsu or stealth). These shinobi are allowed access to A rank techniques in their area of specialization, to learn by themselves. There are no exams a Special Jounin is simply decided by the Kage of the village based on abilities. A Genin may skip the rank of Chuunin completely to become a Tokubetsu Jounin if they are good enough. 

Chuunin or Tokubetsu Jounin take their villages Jounin Exams in order to attain this rank. Chuunin who are promoted to Jounin gain 20 free stat points to allocate and are given access to learn any A rank techniques and below by themselves. S rank techniques must still be taught from someone who already knows them. Jounin's are required to lead teams of Chuunin or Genin, if they fail to do this then they will be demoted to the rank of Tokubetsu Jounin since they are not capable of fulfilling their duties. 

This is a specialty rank, much like Tokubetsu Jounin. To become this rank you must be at least a Chuunin before you can even be considered. All ANBU are personally appointed by the Kage of their village depending on whatever criteria they set. ANBU are given 10 free stat points to allocate, and access to all A rank techniques and below for them to learn. 

ANBU Captain
This is a specialty rank, like Tokubetsu Jounin or ANBU. To become this rank you must be at least a Tokubetsu Jounin and already served time as an ANBU. Village Kage's appoint the ANBU and ANBU captain's personally and set the criteria to decide who may be what. An ANBU Captain may not exist without at least one ANBU to lead. ANBU Captain's are given another 10 free stap points to allocate and access to all S rank techniques and below for them to learn. 

This is a rank few attain, they are above Jounin for the very reason that they are incredibly strong. They are given 20 free stat points to allocate and Kage's determine how a Sannin is given their rank. A Shinobi must be a Jounin before they are a Sannin, sannin are also given access to all S rank and Below techniques as well. A Sannin is required to take one a student in order to pass on their legacy, so to speak, if they can not handle this responsibility then they will be demoted to Jounin. 

Masters are on the level of Kage's themself, typically they are given this rank ether because they stepped down to allow a new kage to lead the village or the Kage personally recognizes that they are on their level. The only way to attain this rank is to fight your Kage and prove that you are as strong as them. Masters gain 25 free stat points to allocate and access to all S rank and below technique. 

The village leader, the only way to become Kage is to have the previous Kage appoint you for whatever reasons they determine (usually because you defeat them in a fight). Kages are required to be active (unless they have a good reason to be missing for a bit in which they must appoint someone to do their duties for them). They are allowed to make rules for their village, promote their shinobi, and enforce any rules they make such as going to war. They may spend village funds and moderate their village. Kages are given 25 free stat points to allocate and access to all S rank and Below techniques. 

Missing Ninja/Wanderers
E Rank
D Rank
C Rank
B Rank
A Rank
S Rank

Shinobi gain their first specialization at Genin, this specialization is free. Shinobi may not learn any technique above C rank without having a specialization in it. Once a shinobi makes Chuunin they are allows to learn a second specialization if they write at least 3000 words to learn it, or if someone is teaching them then 1500 words. A shinobi may choose not to gain a second specialization and instead write 2000 words on furthing their Genin level specialization in order to become an expert in their field. S ranks can only be learn by people who are an expert in their specialization. IE. A Genin has chosen to specialize in Ninjutsu, when they become a Chuunin they choose to become an Expert in Ninjutsu they are now eligible to learn S ranks in Ninjutsu and they can become a Tokubetsu Jounin if their Kage agrees.

At Jounin a shinobi may learn a third specialization for 3000 words (1500 if taught by someone), or choose to become an expert in one of their two specializations for 2000 words. A Jounin may further become an expert in two specializations (though this means they can only have 2 specializations instead of 3) for 4000 words of training (2000 if taught by someone who is already an expert in that specialization. IE. A Chuunin who is an Expert in Ninjutsu is promoted to Jounin, they decide to learn a Taijutsu Specialization for 3000 words and then choose to become and Expert in Taijutsu for a further 4000 words. OR A Chuunin who has the Specialization of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu becoems and Jounin and choose to learn the specialization of Fuuinjutsu. 

Custom Techniques
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Rank Rules
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